Friday, August 12, 2016

"The Joy Is In The Journey" - Me

Picture this: it is early in the morning and you are cruising down a highway, you are the only one on the road, the road is surrounded by Summer plains, your windows are down and the breeze is whipping through your luscious locks. You don't give a fuck! You can smell the grass around the as it gets wafted through on the breeze. You can feel the hair in your wind. You can hear the wind whip against all of the different parts of your car. What an amazing feeling!

That depth of observance should occur in EVERYTHING we do. I hate to break it to you, but nothing in the future is going to make you more happy than you can be right now. That new house? Nope. That new job? Nope. That new lover? Nope. This is my own philosophical opinion, but happiness occurs by being aware of everything that is happening in the present moment, i.e. what are you seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, or thinking. There is little connection between the activity that you are doing and the senses that you are experiencing/the thoughts you have. In other words, you could be doing something simple or be involved in a complex task, but that should not affect how aware you are of the present moment. 

How about it then, let's start appreciating where we are at in the world.

Having dreams in life is something we can all benefit from. There is nothing harmful from having set a high bar for the things we want to achieve. However, I would like to draw attention to what happens inside our minds when we start chasing some of these dreams. We often have a vivid imagination about what we will be or what we have achieved once we obtain our dream. This also imbues us with an intense motivation to wake up and take the next step towards accomplishing our goals. I can tell you that I have this feeling throughout every single day of my life and I must reiterate that these emotions are good to have! But it is also important for us to realize that we are such ambitious people, and we often do not give ourselves enough credit for how far we have made it. We need to just learn to let go!

There is a lot of comfort that can obtained by living along the lines of the old dusty saying, "the joy is in the journey, not the destination."  Instead of saving up all the enjoyment until once we reach the end goal, does it not make sense to enjoy the whole process?  You are completely able to feel happiness along the road towards your dreams.  All you need to do is free yourself from any anxious thoughts or beliefs that make you think once you are on the other side you will suddenly be full of happiness.  This is how people end up chasing happiness without ever realizing that it has been with them all along.  Lucky for us, we are smart enough to make this realization and break away from that never ending cycle.  We get to choose our happiness and we choose to be happy every moment of every day, starting right now!  There is no doubt that we are going to achieve our dreams, but we are going to enjoy every moment of the journey along the way!

A note from a wise woman.

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