Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Do you ever feel that sometimes you are living your life by listening to the stories that are in your head?  Sometimes my mind plays wicked games on itself and creates stories that are not true.  These negative thoughts are addictive!  They make me angry, feel different about my relationships, distract me from the present, obscure the truth, and make me distant from the things in life that actually make me happy.  Well, I have decided to take a stand against these negative thoughts and you should too.  By writing this blog post I am able to further understand what is causing them and why they affect my life so much.

This must have taken the energy of a thousand-suns to hand-make...

First and foremost, it is time to cure my addiction from these thoughts.  Whenever something is going well in my life, my mind tries to play out all the scenarios in which those parts of my life could go wrong.  Those thoughts occur because they are scared of the reality.  I am constantly challenging myself and making sure that I am in difficult situations that I can learn from.  Instead of accepting these new challenges and understanding that everything is going to work out, my mind tries to escape down the easy route by trying to fool me into thinking those opportunities are going poorly, or will not work out.  It is much easier for me to just quit than to persevere through the tough times.  In order to stop letting this negativity affect me, I am going to learn to be observant of all the thoughts that come through my mind.  As soon as I start to wake up from these fictitious stories is when I will take the hint that I need to refocus my thought and energy on the present moment.

This is what challenging yourself and following your dreams feels like, enter the unknown

As soon as I start to become observant and begin differentiating the fictitious thoughts from reality, then I will learn to accept those thoughts for what they are.  It is okay that I have negative thoughts, but I am learning to disassociate myself from them and understand that they are different from the actual reality.  It is important that you do not get angry or sad with yourself for having those thoughts.  The ego will come up with as many fictitious stories as it wants, that is not your fault.  It then becomes our duty to recognize the difference between reality and the stories.

After observing and then accepting the stories that my ego makes up, I will then refocus my attention on the present moment.  By the present moment I mean the objects that I can see, the noises I can hear, the things I can feel, and the tastes that I am experiencing.  Those senses all combine to create the present moment.  The stories in our head do not exist, there is only the present moment that exists.  While it is nice to have good memories, constantly dwelling on the past and future is not the way of the ninja.

So, next time you start to feel anxious, worried, upset, or angry, just ask yourself whether you are living in the present moment, or through the fictitious stories that your ego is creating.

Follow through it one gate at a time

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